Mediaverse by

Phil Ross

    Starring Phil Ross on Plex


    Acting (16 Credits)

    2003Chrono Crusade as Police Captain, Additional Voices
    2003Kino's Journey as Track Polisher
    2003Kino's Journey as Track Polisher
    20022009: Lost Memories as Ono
    2002Yesterday as Cloning Consultant
    2001Noir as Old Bartender, Additional Voices
    1999A.D. Police: To Protect and Serve as BartenderWatch Free
    1999Excel Saga as Space Butler
    1998Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 as Henderson
    1998Spriggan as ARCAM Explorer
    1995Golden Boy as Owner
    1995Street Fighter II: V as Additional Voices
    1995Slayers the Motion Picture as Elderly Lady
    1993My Boyfriend's Back as Scientist In Horror Film
    1982Super Dimensional Fortress Macross as Official B
    1972Gatchaman as Old Man Ninja
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