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Endangered Civilizations

  • 2018
This season explores the following: Dogon of Mali, Toraja from Sulawesi, Ladakhi of Kashmir, the Punan of Borneo, Akha of the Golden Triangle, Burmese Mawken, the Sioux in South Dakota, Himba of Namibia, Mauritania's Chenaguetta, Ainus from Hokkaido, The Tsakones from Peloponnese, the Pomak in Thrace, Samarina's Valaques, the Szeptuchy in Podlachia, and the Naxi of Yunnan.
  • Seasons
    • 1 (15 episodes)
  • Genres
    • History

Season 1: Episode 1

  • Air Date
    • Jan 1st, 2018

Other episodes in season 1

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