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The Kill Point

The Kill Point

People in a Pittsburgh bank are taken hostage when a bank-robbery goes wrong. It's the work of a group of initially masked Iraq veterans, lead by sergeant 'Wolf', who also has secret trump-cards outside. The police lays siege to the bank, with experienced Horst Cali as negotiator, whose authority is however challenged by the D.A.'s office, deputy chief Abrami, a local tycoon leaning politically to save his daughter and the FBI.
  • 2007
  • Drama, Action/Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Season 1: Episode 1

  • Air Date
    • Jul 22nd, 2007

Other episodes in season 1

  • Who's Afraid of Mr. Wolf? (2)
  • No Meringue
  • Pro Patria
  • Visiting Hours
  • The Great Ape Escape
  • The Devil's Zoo (1)
  • The Devil's Zoo (2)


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